Friday February 23 , 2018
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Arrival/Departure Procedures

Transylvania Community Airport is a private owned private use facility.

Access to Transylvania Community Airport is by permission only.  To obtain permission you must acknowledge you have reviewed the following Arrival/Departure Procedures.

Coordinates: N35-16'11.8"  W82-38'40.2"  20 NM on the 250° radial from Sugarloaf VOR (SUG) (112.2 mhz).

Elevation: 2110'

Pattern Altitude: 3000' MSL Standard Left Traffic

Runways: 09-27 2903 X 50

Unicom: 122.7 

Asheville Approach: 124.65

Recomended Arrival Procedures

Commensurate with safety, all aircraft should avoid over-flying the green roofed house or barn on final approach to runway 9, and maneuvering too close to the mountain on runway 27.  Pilots are encouraged to square turns on base and final to accomplish proper runway alignment.

Recommended Departure Procedures

Runway 9

Pilots are discouraged from attempting to fly over the ridge directly off the end of runway 9 or making an early right turnout at low level, (below 500' AGL), but are encouraged instead to make a gentle left turn and continue flight down the valley until proper altitude is obtained.

Runway 27

Pilots should fly slightly right, until well beyond house and barn off the end of runway 27.  Early turnouts or over-flight of house and/or barn are very strongly discouraged.  Pilots are encouraged to depart North of riding ring.

Climb Profile

Pilots should fly Vx or Vy (Vx is preferred) at max power until reaching 3000' MSL, resume normal climb procedures thereafter.


The dashed lines depict preferred departure routes to help alleviate noise impact on our neighbors. The photograph is oriented with north at the top. The quarry is quite visible just north of the airport. The road which parallels the runway just outside the airport entrance is Old Hendersonville Highway, with the wider parallel roadway to the north being New Hendersonville Highway - otherwise known as US Highway 64.


Aircraft Operators: Please acknowledge and send the permission request form on the right column of this page.

Contact Information

Transylvania Community Airport
5436 Old Hendersonville Hwy
Pisgah Forest, NC 28766

Phone: 828.877.5801

MANDATORY: All pilots must contact the airport on the unicom frequency 122.7

Permission Request Form

To obtain access to Transylvania Community Airport you must acknowledge you have reviewed the Arrival/Departure Procedures on this web page. Please complete the request form.
Tail Number:
Name, Phone:

Good Neighbor Program

Transylvania Community Airport is located in an area with noise sensitive neighbors in the vicinity of the airport.  The Good Neighbor Program has been developed to further reduce noise levels in these areas close to the airport.  We ask all operators participate to their fullest.

View Arrival/Departure Procedures

Important: Arrival/Departure Procedures are recommended at Transylvania Community Airport.  However, they are not intended to abrogate safe aircraft operations.

Any questions regarding Arrival/Departure Procedures, please contact the Airport at 828-877-5801.